rediscovering the world

Hi, dear visitor! This is Matheus Hobold Sovernigo, also known as Schumacher. I was born in Florianópolis, Brazil, on December of 1986, living there until 2009, when I graduated on Biology at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Next year I left my homeland to work and live on other regions of the country, inciting my previously incipient desire to travel and explore the world.

With a tight-fisted dad, I had no difficulty on implementing the philosophy of the economy in my comings and goings through hundreds of cities and tens of countries and territories, a fact that motivated me to write the Budget Traveler Manual at the end of 2015. To share the knowledge acquired at each destination visited and instigate the desire to travel to a larger audience, in early 2016 I opened this bilingual blog. Here I report each of the locations I visit, focused on nature, adventure and culture, also informing how to travel more cheaply. I can guarantee all the blog content is the most sincere personal opinion of the author.

In mid-2016 I took the final step towards freedom. After earning good money, saving and investing it for years, I left my job at Petrobras to dedicate myself to a full-time traveler’s career, in order to know thoroughly each of the countries and territories that make up this wonderful planet, without exceptions.

So far I’ve been to 67 countries according to the UN, while my goal is to visit all 193 until the end of 2024, with 37 years old. With that, I’ll become one of the youngest in the world to complete this quite difficult task.

So here I say goodbye. See you around the world!