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Budget Traveler Manual

How to travel for cheap?

Would you like to travel more but your budget won’t allow you to do that? Are you an experienced backpacker in a round the world journey, a group of friends on their first vacations abroad, a family with kids making a road trip on a weekend or any other kind of travel-lover of any age that knows money doesn’t grow on trees? Then this is the right book for you!

This succinct, objective and illustrated manual was written by a natural-born budget traveler who has passed through more than 300 cities in 51 countries and territories. It will teach you how can you endeavor a cheap travel for long and well, spending far less than you would imagine being possible. Through hundreds of tips in the areas of documentation, communication, transport, accommodation, feeding, leisure and shopping, you will be able to experience the wonders from all continents.

In exchange for a few bucks, you will get practical and understandable lessons on how to rent a car for free, get a sole room for less than 5 dollars, fly on an intercontinental plane while paying only the departure tax, eat and drink without money, ride an international bus for a dollar, entertain yourself for free, take a cruise for 20 dollars a day… these are just a few examples of what you can find in this budget travel guide.

No more excuses not to travel. Take the dust of the backpack or bag, grab your travel hacking book and set your cheap travel on the road, sea or air!